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Creating Awe & Wonder in the Early Years 

The Early Years Foundation Stage

All nurseries follow the seven areas of the EYFS 

Prime areas:-                                                                                              Specific areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development                                             Literacy      

Communication and Language                                                                    Mathematics            

Physical Development                                                                                 Understanding the world

                                                                                                                     Expressive Arts and Design

We use these areas of learning to ensure that your child's development follows the national average and if not we can offer extra support to help your child learn the skills they need. We use the framework of the EYFS to observe your child in the learning environment and monitor their development. Each child has a keyworker who is responsible for their individual needs and will be available to speak to you after each session to feedback about your child. Our keyworkers all have a buddy who shadows their work so your child will not be affected by staff absence or holidays and will always have the security of an adult they are familiar with.

Part of the keyworker role is to build a learning journey and development file for each child filled with observations as well as photographs of activities and art work the children create. Parents and carers are welcome to view this file at any time but scheduled parent's meetings also take place throughout the year.

There is plenty of information about the EYFS displayed around our setting and all of our staff have relevant training so they are able to discuss at length your child's development and the next steps we are working towards. All of our staff plan activities based on your child's needs and the stage of development they are working within. By informing us about changes at home and the likes and dislikes or hobbies you share as a family we can support your child/ren further by planning specific activities or including extra resources to interest your child/ren.