Invitation 2 Play

Creating Awe & Wonder in the Early Years 


Within this room there are a wide range of activities and resources that will enable your child to learn through play, develop and explore. Invitations to learn and play are set out in the different areas of the room inviting the children to come and explore with the open ended resources in any way they chose. Provocations are also set out in the different areas of the room, which have been provoked by the child's interests. Don't be surprised if you see Christmas in July!

The learning environment plays a key role in the child's approach to learning this being our 'third teacher'. Children thrive in environments that are suited to their interests and developmental stages. Our environments are welcoming, authentic, pleasing, culturally representative of there community which embraces nature and fulled purposeful materials. The layout of the environment promotes relationships, communication, collaboration and exploration through play. Materials are thoughtfully added to the environment to promote creativity, thinking and problem solving skills, questions, experimentation and open ended play.

It is exciting to observe how different a group of children can be when entrusted with new and enchanting gizmos, gadgets and thingymabobs. Within our environments we use varied textures from brass to wood meaning that the children get first hand experience of how temperatures can change and weights vary. Our setting has become a treasure trove although some of our parents have commented that we resemble an old curiosity shop! However we have been fortunate to have many parents get involved in creating our new environment. We have carefully selected collections of items to bring every area of our setting to life for our children from spaces underneath benches, private nooks in the toileting area and new light fittings all to create pockets of curiosity.

Although we mindfully display our treasures and meticulously place our invitations to promote learning and imagination do not be fooled! Our environment does often look as if a whirlwind has swept through! This however offers the opportunity for children to learn how to care for resources and find suitable homes for our lovely things when we put our 'room to bed'. 

We have found by showing the children how much we respect and believe in them and their play they have been able to show us how capable they are to learn and that they care so much more for items. We see unique, imaginative and confident children chasing down their own lines of enquiry and exploring their environment in new, incredible ways everyday and as practitioners there is nothing more rewarding.

The children in this room have a learning journey file which is a written record of individual progress for each child. Learning journeys contain all observations made by staff, photographs of your child's nursery experiences, art work and an area where parent’s comments and observations can be added. Your child's learning journey is always available for parents to view at any times by request.